Dekanta whisky anniversary

Working in the anniversary of the japanese brand Dekanta whisky in 2021. The first  design belongs to Kyōyū, which means «sharing» in Japanese, this is the concept behind this new blend of japanese and Scottish whisky that Dekanta whisky just created. I was selected to do the artwork for this special piece. The scene for the concept came straight away to my mind: A Scottish trader meets with his Japanese friend in Edo, they exchange bottles of whisky as a sign of friendship. We also have some hidden animals from Scotland in the piece, to portray this mixture of cultures. In  their website  you can watch a brilliant video with the work behind this whisky.

dekanta Japan color black and white nicolas castell
dekanta Japan sketch nicolas castell
dekanta Japan Color ig 1 nicolascastell

The Shimai. Dekantā’s second worldblended whisky created to celebrate the anniversary of the brand 2022, and to honor the importance of sisterhood in Japanese society. The Shimai is also an ode to the commitment and sisterly relationship Scotland and Japan have developed over centuries.

Dekanta Japan shimai nicolas castell web
Dekanta Japan shimai nicolas castell ink web
dekanta Japan shimai nicolas castell sketch
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