Fragmentation of the self. Artwork series

A series about being confused, wanting to go to many places at once and in the end not being able to go anywhere. Being divided, fractured, not knowing what to do. That feeling that accompanies you and that no matter how old you are, it always weighs heavily. But it weighs more when that uncertainty, that indecision happens to you in adulthood, when you are supposed to have everything figured out.

The fragmentation of the self. Like birds being of different colors, they fragment the painting, they fragment attention. Birds symbolize distractions, being scattered and not clear about anything. Fragmented attention and its subsequent fragmentation of the self. Bright colors automatically focus the eye on one of them, preventing you from seeing the entire composition.

Fragmented society, fragmented attention and its corresponding fragmentation of the individual, of the self. The individual, being fragmented, is no longer aware of what he is, what he means, what he wants or what he needs. It is the annulment of finding oneself, of being oneself, of having a center.

These are all the thoughts that made me start this series.

nicolas castell frag 010

35,4 x 29,7 cm. Ink on paper

nicolas castell frag 03

50×65 cm. Ink on paper

50 x 65 cm. Ink on paper