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Cao Chong

Cao Chong Cao Chong weighs an Elephant: This project was made for the "Cengage Look Anthologies". Cao Chong is best known for his ingenious method of weighing an elephant using the principle of buoyancy. He was considered by his father [...]
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Ukiyo-e Tale

Ukiyo-e Tale Personal project about the journey of a foreign artist to the ancient Japan. The traveler finds a magic pen that enables him to create anything he wants. The influence of Japan in my work is evident, I wanted [...]
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Japanese inspiration

Japanese inspiration More personal work about the japanese culture, it has been always a passion for me! This is personal work, mainly from the pieces I've done during the inktober challenge.   Similar Works
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Golden Koi Studio

Golden Koi Studio is the team behind bigger projects like comics, videogames and animation. I work with my good friend Antonio Vilchez del Ojo, which has been a good work mate since years ago. Here I’ll present here some of [...]
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Inktober 2016

Inktober 2016 Inktober is a challenge of one drawing per day using ink during the month of october. Many illustrators take this 31/31 drawings challenge every year and I always wanted to participate but I was afraid of failing in [...]
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