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Dekanta Anniversary

Dekanta whisky anniversary Working in the anniversary of the japanese brand Dekanta whisky in 2021. The first  design belongs to Kyōyū, which means "sharing" in Japanese, this is the concept behind this new blend of japanese and Scottish whisky that Dekanta [...]
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Nuestros Sanitarios

Nuestros Sanitarios Este es mi homenaje al esfuerzo sobrehumano que están haciendo nuestros sanitarios ante esta ola del Covid-19. Al pensar en ellos recuerdo lo que Viktor Frankl (psicólogo que sobrevivió al holocausto) dijo: "Las circunstancias excepcionalmente adversas otorgan al [...]
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Japanese Terror

I worked on this project with the great The WP BrandStudio for an article that talks about the japanese tradition on terror literature, specifically on the Yurei ghost, the lost souls that left this world with an unfinished desire and [...]
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Mercedes-Benz Illustration for Mercedes-Benz China, during the Dragon Boat Festival people enjoy hiking in the mountains and eating rice puddings, this was the atmosphere that MB wanted to show with their GLA SUV model. Coordinated with the people of shadow-edge [...]
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